Daniel Z. Korman


2015 Objects: Nothing out of the Ordinary
(Oxford University Press)
Table of Contents and chapters 1-2 (other chapters available by request)
         Reviewed by Simon Evnine
         Reviewed by Irene Olivero
         Reviewed by David Sanson
         Refuted by Maegan Fairchild and John Hawthorne (j/k)         

2011 Metaphysics: An Anthology with Jaegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa (Blackwell)


Forthcoming Against Minimalist Responses to Moral Debunking Arguments
with Dustin Locke (Oxford Studies in Metaethics)

Forthcoming Defining Textual Entailment with Eric Mack, Jacob Jett, and Allen Renear (Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology)

Forthcoming Debunking Arguments in Metaethics and Metaphysics
(in Metaphysics and Cognitive Science)

Forthcoming Easy Ontology Without Deflationary Metaontology
(Philosophy and Phenomenological Research)

2017 What Do the Folk Think about Composition and Does it Matter?
with Chad Carmichael (in Experimental Metaphysics)

2015 Fundamental Quantification and the Language of the Ontology Room

2014 Debunking Perceptual Beliefs about Ordinary Objects
(Philosophers' Imprint)

2014 The Vagueness Argument Against Abstract Artifacts
(Philosophical Studies)

2011 A New Framework for Conceptualism with John Bengson and Enrico Grube (

2010 Locke on Substratum: A Deflationary Reading (Locke Studies)

2010 The Contingent A Priori and the Publicity of A Priori Knowledge (Philosophical Studies)

2010 Strange Kinds, Familiar Kinds, and the Charge of Arbitrariness (Oxford Studies in Metaphysics)

2009 Eliminativism and the Challenge from Folk Belief (Nos)

2008 Unrestricted Composition and Restricted Quantification (Philosophical Studies)

2006 What Externalists Should Say About Dry Earth (The Journal of Philosophy)

2005 Law Necessitarianism and the Importance of Being Intuitive (Philosophical Quarterly)

2003 The Failure of Trust-Based Retributivism (Law and Philosophy)

Reference Works

2018 Material Constitution
(Oxford Bibliographies)

2016 Composition
with Chad Carmichael (Oxford Handbooks Online)

2011 Ordinary Objects (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

2010 The Argument from Vagueness (Philosophy Compass)

Book Reviews

2018 Ontology without Borders
by Jody Azzouni (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

2015 The Double Lives of Objects by Thomas Sattig (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

2011 Familiar Objects and Their Shadows by Crawford Elder (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

2008 Austere Realism by Terry Horgan and Matja Potrč (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

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