Debating Darwin: Philosophical Issues in Evolution and Natural Selection

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Friday, February 18, 2011

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For those wishing to attend the conference, registration is appreciated. It’s free, and it helps our planning. To register send an email to the conference email address ( with “Registration” in the subject line. If you give us your name and institutional affiliation, we will try to have a name tag waiting for you.




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  • Theater & Dance 1701

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The UCSB Department of Philosophy held this Steven Humphrey Fund for Excellence in Philosophy Conference from February 18–20, 2011.


Friday, February 18

  • 5:00–7:00 PM Peter Godfrey-Smith (Harvard), “Origin Explanations”
  • 7:00 - 9:00 PM Reception/Buffet, UCSB Faculty Club

Saturday, February 19

  • 9:30–11:30 AM Elisabeth Lloyd (Indiana), “Adaptationism in Action”
  • 11:30–1:00 PM Lunch, Graduate Student Association Lounge
  • 1:00–3:00 PM Paul Griffiths (Sydney), “How Evolution Tracks Truth”
  • 3:00–3:15 PM Break
  • 3:15–5:15 PM Jerry Fodor (Rutgers), “From the Darwin Wars”

Sunday, February 20

  • 9:30–11:30 AM Mohan Matthen (Toronto), “Species as Historical Kinds”
  • 11:30–1:00 PM Lunch, UCSB Faculty Club
  • 1:00–3:00 PM Richard Boyd (Cornell), “Evolutionary Theory as Methodological Anesthesia: Methodological and Philosophical Lessons from Evolutionary Psychology”
  • 3:00–3:15 PM Break
  • 3:15–5:15 PM Alex Rosenberg (Duke), “How Jerry Fodor Slid Down the Slippery Slope to Anti-Darwinism, and How We Can Avoid the Same Fate”


All talks will be in Theater & Dance 1701