Zak Kotlow

Zak Kotlow
Graduate Student in Residence

Office Hours

W 1 - 3

Office Location

South Hall 5702


Research Interests

  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Ancient Philosophy


  • B.A., M.A. Philosophy, Brandeis


Heavy interest in games: anything from tabletop roleplaying to video games. I'm also an avid consumer of novels and films. In the future, I may endeavor to publish a game or piece of fiction.


The intersection between metaphysics and philosophy of language, especially where fictional entities are concerned. Lately I've developed an interest in personal identity.

I also want to do more work in the constitution of objects, particularly virtual objects.

I've recently taken up the study of Ancient Greek so that I may do more in-depth study of Plato and Aristotle in the future.