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The study of philosophy at UCSB encompasses both the cutting edge of current philosophical research and the rich history of philosophy. The department offers a B.A. program and a Ph.D. program. Our undergraduate program provides training in the kind of disciplined and rigorous argument that characterizes serious philosophical reflection, and which makes a Philosophy degree an excellent preparation for a wide variety of professional careers and for graduate work across the humanities and social sciences. Our graduate program prepares students for successful professional careers in philosophy.


We are delighted to announce that Elinor Mason, currently senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, will be moving to the UCSB Department of Philosophy in Fall 2020, where she will be a full professor. 

Mason is the author of Ways to be Blameworthy: Rightness, Wrongness, and Responsibility (Oxford University Press, 2019) and is known for her work on a variety of subjects in moral philosophy. You can learn more about her research here and here. We are very excited to welcome her!

Congrats to Jeff Bagwell!  His paper "Eliminativism and Evolutionary Debunking" has been accepted for publication in Ergo.











Sherri Lynn Conklin received Post Doc funding to conduct research on her project titled "Defining Dilemmas for Diversity" as a participant in the Fall 2020 UCHRI Residential Research Group on "Disciplining Diversity." Read more here. Congratulations!

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