Below is a list of all graduate students who have received a Ph.D. from our program since 1998, together with their current academic position. Please contact the placement director, Elinor Mason, with any questions or corrections: Prospective graduate students may also contact Professor Mason with questions about placement. Our doctoral alumni employment statistics can be found here.



David Mokriski (2021)

On the Appeal to Naturalness in Metaphilosophy (Korman)

UCSB, Lecturer


Sherri Lynn Conklin (2020)

A Unified Framework for Moral Appraisal (Hanser)

UC Humanities Research Institute, post-doc


Daniel Story (2020)

Essays Concerning the Social Dimensions of Human Agency (Falvey and Hanser)

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Lecturer


Brian Looper (2020)

Freedom and Character (Zimmerman)

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Lecturer


Corey McGrath (2019)

Essays in Color Ontology (Falvey)

Content Developer


Juliana Lima (2018)

A Millian Heir Accepts the Wages of Sinn (Salmon and Falvey)

Azim Premji University, TT


Christopher Cloos (2018)

Responsibility Beyond Belief: The Epistemic Condition on Moral Responsibility (Zimmerman)

The Philosophical Life, founder and CEO


Jeonggyu Lee (2018)

Tracking Down the Conditions for Singular Thought (Salmon)

Sungkyunkwan University, TT


Michael Augustin (2018)

Self-instantiation in Plato’s Parmenides and Sophist (Tsouna)

Penn State, Assistant Teaching Professor


John Caravello (2018)

Open-Mindedness, Empathy, and Virtue in Argumentation (Zimmerman)

CSU Channel Islands, non-TT


Keith Hess (2017)

Matter and Form: Towards an Animalist Conception of Personal Identity (Zimmerman)

College of Southern Nevada, tenured


Carmen Zinn (2016)

Culpability for Moral Ignorance and Reasonable Moral Expectations (Hanser) 

University of West Georgia, non-TT


Robert McIntyre (2015)

The Money of Fools: Hobbes on the Mind and Its Relation to Language (Holden) 

Fresno City College, Instructor


Rick Stoody (2015) 

Defending Frankfurt: Moral Responsibility without Alternative Possibilities (Anderson and Fischer)

Cleveland State Community College, TT


Tim Butzer (2015) 

How To Be a Dogmatist (Falvey and Rescorla)

Alabama A&M University, TT


Dan Dolson (2015)

On God's Gestures: Miracles, Laws of Nature, and Special Divine Action (Anderson)


Michael Hannen (2014)

From the Phaedo to the Timaeus: The Continuity of Plato's Metaphysics of Causation (Tsouna)

Amarillo College, TT


Albert Shin (2014) 

Adam Smith on the Nature and Authority of Conscience (Zimmerman)

Pasadena City College, tenured


Quentin Gee (2013) 

Group Agency, Moral Agency, and Moral Patiency (McMahon)

Energy Specialist, California Energy Commission


David Spewak (2013)

Semantics, Pragmatics, and the Nature of Semantic Theories (Salmon)

Marion Military Institute, tenured


Alex Bundy (2013) 

The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement with Others (Brueckner)

Opus Logica, Director of Software Engineering


Justin Clark (2013)

Virtue as Knowledge and Unity in Early Plato (Tsouna)

Hamilton College, TT


Eric Yang (2013) 

Objects, Persons, and Animals: A Defense of Animalism (Brueckner)

Santa Clara University, tenured


Philip Atkins (2013)

A Defense of Millian Descriptivism (Salmon)

Temple University, non-TT (Associate Professor of Instruction, multi-year contract)


Amir Saemi (2013)  

On the Nature of Practical Reasons (Hanser and Falvey)

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, tenured 


Luke Manning (2012)

Signifying Nothing? How Fiction Represents (Salmon)

Auburn University at Montgomery, Lecturer


Steven Huizenga (2011)

Responsibility, Luck Egalitarianism and the Egalitarian Aim (McMahon)

Central Ohio Technical College, non-TT (Professor)


Michael Fletcher (2011)  

The Cognitive Significance of Kant's Third Critique (Brueckner)

Coastal Carolina University, non-TT


Ian Nance (2011)

Intentional Actions: Explanation and Epistemology (Falvey)

Left the profession


Wally Siewert (2011) 

Inter-Sovereign Justice: An Alternate Model of Economic and Political Justice Between Sovereign Nations (McMahon)

Focus St. Louis, Director of Civic Engagement


Josh May (2011)

The Possibility of Acting from Duty (Zimmerman)

University of Alabama at Birmingham, tenured


Vasileios Tsompanidis (2011) 

Tensed Belief (Falvey)

Project Manager and ESF expert, Hellenic Parliament


Benedicte Hagland (2010) 

The Formation and Function of Stoic Conceptions (Tsouna)

Royal College of Psychiatrists, Project Manager


Huiyuhl Yi (2010) 

On the Parfitian Psychological Approach to Personal Identity (Brueckner)

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, tenured


Stephanie Semler (2009) 

A Person as a Lifetime: An Aristotelian Account of Persons (Tsouna)

Northern Virginia Community College, tenured 


Derek Boyd (2009)

Practical Rationality and Committed Action (Falvey)

George Mason University, TT 


Jon Altschul (2009)

Justification and Entitlement (Falvey)

Taught at Loyola University New Orleans, with tenure


Jacob Blair (2009)

Justifying Defensive War against Mitigated Aggression (Hanser)

Cal State East Bay, non-TT


Jonathan Way (2008)

Reasons, Rationality and the Wide-Scope Approach to Instrumental Reason (Falvey)

University of Southampton, tenured


Arash Naraghi (2008)

Moral Dilemmas in the Context of Virtue Ethics (Hanser)

Current Position: Moravian University, tenured


Trang Le (2008) 

A Contextualist Justification of Deliberative Democracy (McMahon)

Left the Profession


Joseph Simonian (2007) 

Game Theory and Social Choice: The Expected Utility Hypothesis and Its Applicability to Collective-Decision Making (McMahon)

Natixis, Director of Quantitative Research


Heather Salazar (2007) 

Meaning, Reasons, and Endorsement (Hanser)

Western New England University, tenured


Sean Choi (2007)

The Libertarian Dilemma, Incompatibilist Transfer Principles, and Agent Causation (Brueckner)


Chris Buford (2006)

Parfit’s Thesis and Personal Identity (Brueckner)

University of Akron, Professor of Instruction


David Corner (2006)

Acts of God: An Essay on Miracles (Forgie)

Sacramento State, Senior Lecturer


John-Michael Kuczynski (2006) 

The Moral Structure of Legal Obligation (Wilkins)

CEO of Freud Institute


Dylan Dodd (2006)

Skepticism and the Lottery (Brueckner)

Left the Profession


Jesse Steinberg (2006)

Beliefs as Dispositions (Brueckner)

University of Wisconsin Madison, non-TT


Fritz Allhoff (2005)

Evolution and Ethics: The Moral Implications of Darwinism (Hanser)

Western Michigan University, tenured


Michael Cole (2005) 

Semantics, Pragmatics, and Knowledge Attributions: Trying to Solve the Problem of Skepticism (Brueckner)

Fresno City College, tenured


Anand Vaidya (2005)

The Epistemology of Metaphysical Modality (Falvey)

San Jose State University, tenured


Richard Glatz (2005) 

The Abilities We Have, the Choices We Make, and the Stains We Sustain (Brueckner)

Cycorp, Ontologist


Dirk Farner (2005)

Epistemology and Ontology in Book V of Plato's Republic (Tsouna)

California State University Los Angeles, non-TT


Abrol Fairweather (2005)

The Role Alethic Affectivity in Virtue Based Theories of Knowledge (Brueckner)

San Francisco State University, non-TT


Fred Jensen (2003) 

Divine Command Ethics: An Argument in Favor of the Command Over the Will Formulation (McMahon)

Left the Profession


Ranjan Kaparti (2003)

Prospects for Hybrid Philosophy of Mind: Combining Externalism with Individualism? (Brueckner)


Kenichi Fukui (2002)

Identity and the Failure of Individuation (Salmon)

Tokyo University of Science, permanent


Scott Wilson (2002)

The Moral Status of Animals (Hanser)

Wright State University, tenured


David Hershenov (2002) 

A Defense of the Biological Approach to Personal Identity (Salmon)

SUNY Buffalo, tenured


Marcello Oreste Fiocco (2002)

Time and the Transience of Temporal Reality (Salmon)

UC Irvine, tenured


John Birmingham (2001)

The Necessity of Perfection Modal Versions of the Ontological Argument (Salmon)

Cal State Northridge, non-TT


John Collins (2000)

Externalism, Inference, and Introspective Knowledge of Comparative Content (Salmon)

East Carolina University, tenured


Maria Adamos (2000)

Emotions: An Aristotelian Solution (Dauer)

Georgia Southern University, tenured


Dennis Plaisted (2000)

Leibniz on Purely Extrinsic Denominations (Anderson)

University of Tennessee Chattanooga, tenured


David Meeler (2000) 

Shared Access and Private Space:  A Legal and Philosophical Analysis of Privacy (Wilkins)

Winthrop University, tenured


Michael Gettings (1999) 

The Ontology of Fiction (Anderson)

Hollins University, tenured


H. Benjamin Schaeffer (1999) 

Deontologism and Internalism in Epistemology (Brueckner)

Humbolt State Univesity, TT


Rebecca Bensen Cain (1999)

Socratic Method and Self-Knowledge in Plato's Early Dialogues (Tsouna)

Oklahoma State University, tenured


Edward Feser (1999) 

Russell, Hayek, and the Mind-Body Problem (Anderson)

Pasadena City College, tenured


William Larkin (1998)

Externalism, Introspection, and Reliable Self-Knowledge: A Qualified Defense of Inner Sense (Brueckner)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, tenured


Douglas W. Portmore (1998)

The Structure of Commonsense Morality: Consequentialist or Non-consequentialist? (Hanser)

Arizona State University, tenured


Michael Brady (1998)

Rejecting Internalism (McMahon)

University of Glasgow, tenured


Douglas Howie (1998) 

Moral Desert and the Self (McMahon)

Dallas College, tenured


Richard Greene (1998)

A Qualified Rejection of the Principle of Epistemic Closure (Brueckner)

Weber State University, tenured