Current Courses

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Fall 2023


Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Associate
3 Critical Thinking Associate
4 Introduction to Ethics Mason
20A History of Philosophy: Ancient Zylstra
100A Ethics Hanser
100F Introduction to Philosophy of Science  Barrett
116 Meaning and Reference Salmon
124C Philosophy of Space and Time Barrett
128 Feminist Philosophy Mason
133 History of Political Thought Greene
145 Punishment and Responsibility Jarrett
150D Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind   Allen
150E Advanced Topics in Metaphysics Falvey
160 Descartes Holden
165 Hume Holden
173 Frege Salmon
183 Beginning Modern Logic Robertson Ishii
116/216G Meaning & Reference Robertson Ishii
124C/224C Philosophy of Space and Time Barrett
128/228 Feminist Philosophy Mason
133/233 History of Political Thought Greene
150D/250D Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind2 Allen
150E/250E Advanced Topics in Metaphysics Falvey
160/260 Descartes Holden
165/265 Hume Holden
173/273 Frege Salmon
183/283 Beginning Modern Logic Robsertson Ishii
296A Seminar in Ethics Hanser
299C Seminar in Philosophy of Science1 Allen
1The Science of Non-Human Emotions: In this course, we will survey scientific accounts of emotion and interrogate their philosophical edges. We will be particularly concerned with attempts to study emotions in nonhuman animals, but will also include a module on emotions and artificial intelligence. We will examine the contrast between dimensional and discrete accounts of emotions as separate systems, looking at the interplay between research on humans and that on other animals. We will address the extent to which scientific questions about emotions can be addressed while remaining neutral about any associated conscious experiences, as well as being open to revisions in working definitions and the introduction of new methods of assessment. 
On Chirimuuta’s book, Outside Color: Perceptual Science and the Puzzle of Color in Philosophy