Current Courses

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Spring 2023

Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Associate
3 Critical Thinking Associate
4 Introduction to Ethics Zimmerman
20C History of Philosophy: Early Modern Associate
100A Ethics Hanser
100B Theory of Knowledge Falvey
139 Meta-Ethics Mokriski
183 Beginning Modern Logic Associate
188 Theory of Value Jarrett
116/216G Meaning & Reference Robertson Ishii
150A/250A Advanced Ethical Theory1 Elizondo
164/264G Berkeley Holden
166A/266A Kant2 Elizondo
167/267G Hobbes Holden
175B/275B American Philosophy3 Zimmerman
185/285G Advanced Modern Logic4 Barrett
296D Seminar in Philosophy of Mind Falvey
298B Seminar in Legal Philosophy Greene
299C Seminar in Philosophy of Science5 Barrett
1 An examination of practical reason and its relation to ethics.
2 An examination of Kant's theoretical philosophy, as developed in his Critique of Pure Reason. We will focus mainly on Kant's account of the conditions under which theoretical cognition, especially in the mathematical and natural sciences, is possible.
3 175B/175B: This course in American Philosophy begins with an examination of Darwin’s theory of natural selection and its consequences for the idea of God-given rights referenced in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. We then examine responses to the clash between these ideas formulated by the pragmatists: Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, and John Dewey, who saw pragmatism as a response to both German Idealism and Social Darwinism.
4 185/285G: A course on current applications of model theory and category theory in philosophy of science.
5 299C: A seminar on structure and equivalence in physics.