Current Courses

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Winter 2023

Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Associate
3 Critical Thinking Barrett
4 Introduction to Ethics Associate
7 Biomedical Ethics Associate
20B History of Philosophy: Medieval Zylstra
100D Philosophy of Mind Zimmerman
100E Metaphysics Korman
143 Philosophy of Law Jarrett
150E Advanced Topics in Metaphysics Mokriski
161 Spinoza Zylstra
121/221G Political Philosophy Greene
128/228G Feminist Philosophy Mason
131/231G Advanced Applied Ethics Hanser
133/233G Historical Political Thought Greene
150D/250D Advanced Philosophy of Mind Falvey
175A/275A American Philosophy1 Zimmerman
184/284G Intermediate Modern Logic Robertson Ishii
296A Seminar in Ethics2 Mason
296E Seminar in Metaphysics3 Korman
297A Seminar in History of Philosophy Tsouna
1 175A/275A: This course in American Philosophy begins with an examination of John Locke’s creationist theory of natural rights, which posits entitlements to life, liberty and property, and an assessment of the role Locke’s ideas played in the American Revolution, the construction of its founding documents, and the struggle to abolish slavery and racial segregation.  We then turn to the growing popularity of Darwin’s theory of natural selection in the subsequent century and its consequences for the idea of God-given rights referenced in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.
2 296A: This seminar will focus on the nature of false consciousness and ideology.
3 296E: A seminar on the metaphysics of material objects.