Current Courses

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Winter 2022

Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Korman
3 Critical Thinking Hanschmann
4 Introduction to Ethics Mokriski
7 Biomedical Ethics Costigan
20B History of Philosophy: Medieval Zylstra
100A Ethics Fernandez
100F Intro to Philosophy of Science Barrett
134 Moral Psychology Mokriski
143 Philosophy of Law Jarrett
160 Descartes Zylstra
116/216G Meaning & Reference Robertson
128/228G Feminist Philosophy Mason
145/245G Punishment & Responsibility Mason
152/252G Plato1 Tsouna
156/256G Hellenistic Philosophy2 Tsouna
176/276G Historical Philosophy3 Fernandez
184/284G Intermediate Modern Logic Robertson
296A Seminar in Ethics4 Hanser
296E Seminar in Metaphysics5 Holden
1 152/252G: This course is a selective analysis of Platonic dialogues belonging to the so-called early and middle periods of Plato's production. The course typically discusses aspects of the Apology, the Crito, the Euthyphro, the Meno, the Phaedo, and the Republic (which occupies the entire second half of the course).
2 156/256G: This course focuses on the three main philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period, i.e. the period extending over approximately three centuries after the deaths of Aristotle and of Alexander the Great: Epicureanism, Stoicism, and Scepticism.
3 176/276G: This course will be about Aquinas on goodness and badness.
4 296A: The seminar will concern the justification of violence in self-defense and in war. The primary texts will be two recent books: Jonanthan Quong, The Morality of Defensive Force and Victor Tadros, To Do, To Die, To Reason Why: Individual Ethics in War.
5 296E: This seminar will focus on the metaphysics of race.