Content and Concepts—A Conference on the Philosophy of Mind

Event Date: 

Friday, February 13, 2004


The inaugural Steven Humphrey Excellence in Philosophy Conference took place on February 13–16, 2004, at UCSB.

Invited Speakers

  • Tyler Burge (University of California, Los Angeles), “Perceptual Anti-Individualism”
  • John Campbell (University of Oxford, Corpus Christi College), “Manipulating Color”
  • David Chalmers (University of Arizona), “Perception and the Fall from Eden”
  • Jerry Fodor (Rutgers University), “Revenge of the Given”
  • Alva Noe (University of California, Berkeley), “Experience Without the Head”
  • Christopher Peacocke (New York University), “Mental Action and Mental Concepts”
  • Steven Pinker (Harvard University), “So How Does the Mind Work?”
  • James Pryor (Princeton University), “An Epistemic Theory of Acquaintance”
  • Sydney Shoemaker (Cornell University), “The Way Things Appear”


  • Katalin Balog (Yale University)
  • Kevin Falvey (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Benj Hellie (Cornell University)
  • Sean Kelly (Princeton University)
  • Michael Rescorla (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Susanna Siegel (Harvard University)
  • Daniel Stoljar (The Australian National University)
  • Aaron Zimmerman (University of California, Santa Barbara)