Pierre Fasula

Pierre Fasula

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By appointment

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Phelps 3332


Not in residence Winter 2020

Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Social and Political Philosophy 
  • Philosophy of Language and Literature


PhD, University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne


Pierre Fasula defended a PhD at the Sorbonne, about “The Sense of Possibility in Musil and Wittgenstein’s Works’ (2013). He works mainly in ethics, and social and political philosophy, as well as in philosophy of language and literature. He is currently fellow of the International Center for humanities and Social Change, and develops a philosophical research concerning two corpuses: detective and spy novels, and sci-fi novels. Ethics, laws and politics are intertwined in the last case around the issue of the moral and legal relations between human beings and robots, and in the former case around the issue of an ethics and a policy of truth. The main idea is to explore these contemporary questions in which it would be impossible to put on one side a ethics and on the other side legal or political considerations, and to use literature (and more generally fiction) as a starting-point because of the essential role of fiction in the very formation of our ethically-relevant beliefs. He also translated Hilary Putnam’s books in France (Ethics without Ontology, The Threefold Cord).