Surraiya Baloch

Graduate Student in Residence

Office Location

South Hall 5631 C



Research Interests

  • Feminist Philosophy (Feminist Metaphysics)
  • Philosophy of Gender (Nature of Gender and Oppression)
  • Cognitive Philosophy (Decision Theory and Feminism)
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Ethics
  • Political and Legal Philosophy


M.Phil. in Feminist Philosophy from University of Karachi-Pakistan
B.S. in Philosophy from University of Karachi-Pakistan


When I'm not doing philosophy (hardcore academic philosophy), I'm trying to learn to play
the guitar or reading fiction (genre is a secret) and wondering if I'm really not doing
philosophy, which means I'm always up for a philosophical jam session.


My research interests are situated at the crossroads of feminist philosophy and metaphysics.
I love (yes love) to do feminist philosophy with a flavor of metaphysics and philosophy of
science, and I am personally and deeply interested in exploring the question: what is a
woman? Am I a woman because I use the pronouns, she/her/hers, or am I not a woman
because you cannot tell by zooming in on my profile picture? I am also interested in doing
legal, ethical, political, and cognitive philosophy.


My other work and profile can be found here.