Thainá Coltro Demartini

Graduate Student in Residence

Office Location

South Hall 5701


Research Interests

  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Mind


State University of Campinas, Brazil (B.A., Philosophy)

State University of Campinas, Brazil (M.A., Philosophy)


When not doing philosophy, I enjoy cooking, traveling, and engaging in DIY projects. I am also a casual reader of Psychology books.


I am interested in the connection between certain conceptions of language and whether they commit us to particular metaphysical views via intuition. During my M.A., I wrote my dissertation on Saul Kripke’s theory of reference and his metaphysical standpoint. Most notably, I focused on analyzing identity sentences and the necessary status of theoretical statements under his essentialist view. Since then, I am mostly interested in the consequences of the scrutiny over meta-analysis to the philosophy of science, i.e., what the role of science is in representing the world, and what the status of theoretical statements is. Additionally, I am interested on how the cognitive perspective on things as well as the study of language learning can help us address issues about reference and help us clarify why we have the metaphysical intuitions about the world that we do.